Halloween - Trunk or Treat AND Drop the Hammer

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SIGN UP HERE! *Trunk-or-Treat n. Pronunciation: /trŋk/ /ohr/ /treet/

a. From car TRUNK + trick OR TREAT. A style of Halloween trick or treating where children solicit candy and other goodies not from households but from car trunks in an entertainment style similar to tailgating. Known as "BOOT or treat" in England.

  • *Pot luck dinner n. Pronunciation: /poht/ /luhk/ /dihnnehr/

An event where people bring a different dish each in order to create a complete meal. From the time when people would only eat stews. Each person would bring a bit of food to put in the stew.

  • **Drop The Hammer n. Pronunciation: /djrawp/ /thah/ /hammah/

An event where teens get real and have fun. Usually associated with lots of smiling and laughing. Sometimes leads to making new friends and building relationships.